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Bali Classic Culture Center, Life Performance, Dances, Workshop and Tours

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Bali Classic Culture Center
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Bali Classic Center is a Bali mini with Balinese cultures presentation provides a comprehensive range of unique cultures in Bali Island. Balinese cultures are very unique and complex relating to the social life, family and religion. At Bali Classic Center you will find variety of culture activities with friendly staff that guide and present it to you. In the set in the tranquility of Nyuh Kuning countryside, Ubud Bali and coconut three surround it. The various of classic cultures related to the Balinese Hindu are presented for all visitors in the beautiful Balinese building architecture.

Bali Classic Center, Balinese Culture Activities

What to see at Bali Classic Center

Bali Classic Center presents variety of Balinese cultures like Balinese life activities, performances and workshop
  • Balinese Live Activities
    Balinese Life, CulturesIt will be presented the various of Balinese daily life activities like Menumbuk Padi (paring the paddy), making coconut oil, making offering (Canang Sari), making Ogoh-Ogoh / Giant Idol, explanation of Dewata Nawa Sanga (Nine different Gods and the consort ), Egg painting and demonstration of Tenun ikat. More Detail about Balinese Life Activities.

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