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Melasti Ceremony / Hindu Symbol Purification in Parade

Bali News, Bali CeremonyBali owns immeasurable culture where every day we can find the Hindu ritual in the island, which is famous known as an Island of the god. One of important ceremony in Hindu rituals is Melasti or purification the Pratima (god symbol) and other Hindu Religion symbol at the beach. This Melasti Ceremony is conducted once a year in conjunction with the big Hindu Holiday called Nyepi Day/ silent day. The Melasti event is generally done three-day before Nyepi day or depends to the local custom countryside rule. At the Melasti celebration, all Hindu people in Indonesia especially in Bali troop to carry the holy symbol of Hindu religion to the sea to be cleaned and looked at the alongside road the parade of Umbul-umbul symbol and others. It is also accompanied by the gamelan traditional enliven this event.

Parade in the Spirit of Balinese Religious

It is a beautiful view in Melasti celebration that you can find in Bali if you pay a visit to Bali Island before the Nyepi Day where entire Hindu people in Bali come trooping to local temple and carry the symbol of the infinite and other Hindu religion to sea. This celebration is very amazing where Hindu people with their typical clothes walk to the sea accompanied by the traditional gamelan the same time bring the pennon (Umbul-Umbul) and other symbols. After cleaning the symbol of the infinite or other Hindu symbols, entire Hindu people return to rural to bring back its symbols to each temple. There is a happened unique view here where some Hindu people experience of the Kesurupan (occurrence of outside its consciousness nature) designating the ceremony run at ease. Multifarious offerings have been prepared inclusive Balinese Traditional Dance welcome the deity arrival and its symbol from the sea before placed in each temple. This matter represents the important shares from celebration of big holiday of Hindu people where Hindu People will celebrate the Nyepi Day. at the (time) of Nyepi day, entire/all people hindu will experience the Brata Panyepian (Abstention of Feast Day Of Ramadan Nyepi) that is Amati Geni is may not fire the fire, Amati Krya is may not work the, Amati Lelanguan is may not travel and Amati Lelungan [is] may not voice to ossify. By running this four abstention was clear the circumstance in Bali Island is very silent and there no vehicle run on the road, no light is on and no activities. This matter is the unique event in world and represent the fascination make the tourist come to Bali .


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Released on 03 April 2006
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