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Bali News,
Garuda Airline Continue Direct Flight to Bali

Flight to Bali, Garuda Airline, Bali NewsThe decision of Board directors of Garuda Airline to remain that the Garuda still open the direct flight to Bali is very enthusiastically welcomed by all tourism components in Bali where it previously have circulated the issue that the Garuda Airline will discontinue the direct flight to Bali and transfer it to Jakarta because of technical reason. This matter is submitted because consideration that Garuda Airline has owned the good network, customers and business volume to Bali. Beside that, the most incoming guest to Bali have used the Garuda Airline service.

Issue Made the Bali Worry

Bali News, Garuda AirlineThe previously, a lot of worries are feel by all tourism components in Bali if the Garuda Airline remove the destination of direct flight to Jakarta instead of Bali. This Matter is fair, because it will not assist Bali Tourism Recovery after the last happening of bomb tragedy in Kuta and Jimbaran Beach that made Bali Tourism fall dawn. Garuda Airline is one of the other domestic airlines owns the wide air transport network out of country. This matter also has assisted the cure of Bali tourism by offering the competitive prices for air transports so that can net the guest to come to Bali. So , the coherently from the decision can assure all tourism component from travel agents, hotels, restaurants, bars, adventures and entire of Bali society. This Matter is also goodness welcomed by tourism component outside country especially the travel agent, which has used the Garuda Airline service.

Released: 20 November 2006

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