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Bali News, Bali InformationTooth Filing Ceremony is one of the Hindu rituals in Bali which is vital importance on the way of human life, because this ceremony owns very high esthetics and meaning. In this case, the tooth filing ceremony is only conducted for adult or who has stepped on adolescent. This matter because, their tooth have been strangely assumed to be filed and will not grow again. Tooth Filing Ceremony in this case is only smoothing down the frontage of teeth including eye-tooth as a meaning of the elimination the nature of passion, arrogances and savageness, which are well known with Rajas and Tamas (Balinese Word). As religious ceremony in Bali , the preparations of this ceremony have cleansed the energy and time to launch the continuity of this ceremony. Tooth Filing Ceremony is the part of the Human being ceremony and according to the local resident believe in Bali that human being have to be able to manufacture the feeling of avariciously covet, ugly passion and gluttony. By performing this ceremony, it is expected that all above matters can lose from human being body and life.

Ceremony is performed as according to Balinese Hindu Calendar

Bali News, Balinese Ceremony, Balinese HinduOn Friday 19 January 2007 is very precise day to perform it ceremony, because on this day, according to Balinese Calendar is Sukra Umanis Sasih Kehulu. In this site, we have seen directly the occurrence of this ceremony that happened at countryside in regency of Tabanan, Westside from Denpasar town. This Ceremony takes place hilarious enough that is arranged very beautiful and full of color. This matter as according to Balinese clothes pattern. Every room corner and house yard dotted with Balinese décor that is made from the young coconut leaf. The buffet has been prepared for each invitation who attends in this ceremony, where most the flesh or foods are using asap gammon. Asap gammon besides to be eaten, this flesh also is often used for the offerings in the ritual of Balinese Hindu. Bali is a beautiful island with friendly people and owns multifarious of religious ceremony so that this island is very famous in the world. This island also is a famous tourist destination and owns many places of interest every area in Bali .

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