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Ngurah Rai Airport Completed in June 2013 and ready to accommodate 25 million passengers - Travel News

Ngurah Rai Airport Completed in June 2013 and ready to accommodate 25 million passengers

Indonesian State Enterprises Minister, Mr Dahlan Iskan ensure development projects Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali will be completed by June 2013. Projects undertaken by the state substantially this work has reached 55% of the desired target. He said that the project was 55% airport workmanship. If for a percentage of the terminal has reached 66%. Airport offers modern Balinese architecture, the process is very complicated because it must be done at the airport or terminal was still operating. Another thing that causes this airport work takes a long time in terms of its architecture is unique and extraordinary. In contrast to the existing airport in Surabaya airport because there is a separate and complicated construction ngurah rai having to separate, organize and rearrange and actually begins from scratch. When checked and was on the roof with dozens of airport workers and journalists who accompanied him, said the hardest work on the airport prepared for APEC October is the portion of the roof. Roofing materials must be imported and designed in Surabaya and taken by ship to Bali. The main difficulty is the level of the roof, it should be established. Should be made in a factory and then tested, disassembled it again. It was so beautiful anymore. This is the uniqueness while providing a high level of difficulty in the process.During development, the project currently developing Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport is underway and will be completed in time endeavored to welcome the APEC Summit in Bali later. Airport planned for completion in June 2013, the target can accommodate 25 million passengers per year. Before restoration, the airport is only a capacity of 6 to 7 million passengers but its capacity is imposed to 13.5 million passengers per year. Airports are designed with Balinese architecture, the later after the operation will have a system and supplies the most advanced airport in Indonesia and beat Soekarno Hatta International Airport at Cengkareng, Jakarta. The airport has a security system, luggage check-in, later in Indonesia. Soekarno Hatta airport is likely to be defeated. Today, Dahlan working visit to the airport project and the toll Bali Ngurah Rai. The project will be used to support the APEC event next October in Nusa Dua Bali.

Released on Monday, 3 February 2013
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