Balinese Hindu Blessing Wedding Ceremonies


Bali Star Island/PT. Bewish International Tour is a well establish Travel Company and appointed as a wedding organizer since 1998. We organize all your wedding arrangement in smooth way and meet to satisfactory level. Our professional team will encourage you to your dream of live and perform into the real memorable one. We wisely and open for both communication to arrange every single event or requirement to fit all programs are in order.

Balinese Hindu Wedding

Balinese Hindu Blessing Ceremonies

Bali Hindu Blessing Ceremony is uniquely designed for everyone who wishes to experience on wedding procession based on Balinese blessing ceremony with beautiful ornaments and some offerings. This ceremony procession is not a formal Balinese Hindu Wedding and it just taking a part of procession to be experienced for wedding couple and blessed by the local rituals. It is suitable for you who want to experience in Bali for wedding procession with beautiful island, unique cultures and friendly people. Bali Star Island is your one Bali’s Wedding Organizer will arrange all the wedding arrangement by offering best selection for wedding venues, event design, ceremonial procession, reception and other documentations.

Bali Hindu Blessing Wedding, Ceremony, Procession

Balinese Hindu Wedding

Balinese Hindu Wedding is a secret of Balinese Hindu Ceremony with unique and complicated procession. It is very important day for Balinese couple to commit together in their life with long wedding procession and now we design this wedding procession shortly and simple for you who are non Hindu just want to experience it. The procession itself will be executed at well appointed venues and we absolutely offer the best selection wedding venues in Bali. The wedding procession will be led by the Hindu Celebrant or Pemangku with Balinese offering to support the procession. All processions will be based on Balinese Hindu rituals those are completely your experience of Balinese Hindu Blessing Ceremony.

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We will offer you very competitive price that was designed based on your request involving the wedding venues, type of ceremony, wedding reception, total of attendance and others.

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