Sangeh Monkey Forest | Bali Tourist Destinations

Sangeh Monkey Forest | Bali Tourist Destinations

Sangeh is a small fertile rain forest dwelt by the group of monkeys. It is one of Bali Tourist Destinations located in Sangeh countryside, Badung Regency, north part of Denpasar town or about 1 hour from Denpasar City. Sangeh Monkey Forest is an animal sanctuary in Bali where the group of monkeys are living together in this forest. It is an ideal place for Macaca Fascicularis (Long Tailed Macaque) living freely and use the forest as a habitat of them. It is one of tourist destinations in Bali strategically located beside of the main road from Denpasar to Petang Village. The good road has been provided to reach this place and many tourists has come to this place to see the cute of monkeys.

Sangeh Monkey Forest History

hindu temple, sangeh, monkey, forest, bali, places, interest, sangeh monkey forest, bali tourist destinationsIn the century 17 at Monarchic golden era of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Ketut Karangasem, the son of I Gusti Agung Made Agung, had built the temple in the middle of nutmeg forest and hereinafter it is called as Bukit Sari Temple (like small forest with mixture vegetation and broadness about 10,8 ha). The mythos of this Sangeh Forest is relevant to the happening of forest wood evacuation from Agung Mount in Karangasem to Mengwi in regency of Badung. But on the way of the evacuation, it seen or known by somebody so that it finally becomes the forest which is named with Sangeh. This Nutmeg Forest is formally as a Tourism Garden Nature, which is also as a holy area of temple for worshiping to the god. It is executed from local people from Sangeh Countryside and its surrounding area. It is also become a sacred function beside of tourist object as a commercial tourism business. Bedugul VW Safari Tour is one of the exciting Bali Tour Programs to visit this waterfall that you may join with, therefore please feel free to contact our team to arrange this excursion.

What to See at one of Bali Tourist Destinations?

According to the information of Hall KSDA (Experienced Resource Conservation) Forest Department, Sangeh Forest is growth by 6.825 grove bar, consisted of 28 birch and also 22 clump type/bush. In shares of extension area (3,169 ha), it is located in west part of this forest area, cultivated by some plant types like Chico Kecik, Mahoney and guava. This part is then expected to be the food sources for about 500 monkeys populating at this forest. The monkey species living in Sangeh is Macaca fascicularis. This monkey lives in three different group are located in east, middle, and west side. Sangeh forest have succeeded identified 22 types (species) bird, 5 mammal types, 3 reptile types, 2 type of amphibians and also 5 type of arthropods.

Bali Tourist Destinations

Sangeh is a one of tourist destinations in Bali managed by the special organizer from local resident which is consisted of 21 organizers. Beside of that, they also assisted by staff from the duty Forestry, especially from KSDA. Sangeh as a Tourism Object is opened every day, between 7:30 in the morning until 6:00 evening. This tourism object is located about 20 km in north side of Denpasar town with the travel distance about 30 minutes from Denpasar and passing the main road of Denpasar- Pelaga. This tourism object is completed by parking area, toilet, art shops, souvenir shops, restaurant, footpath, and others. You can discover another places of interest nearby like Nungnung Waterfall.

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