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Bali Education Trips

Education Trips is group travel arrangement specially designed for the group from education involving students, teachers and also from government officers or organization. The programs are exclusively designed to combine the both leisure and education. Bali Star Island as an event organizer is proud to arrange all group arrangements from flight tickets, accommodations, programs design, official permits, production support and logistic, documentation and more. We completely serve you with our best services and meet your group needs, professional handling and hospitality services.

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Bali Education Trips

Education Trips are the fantastic travel for student group from any level of schools and experience the special trips to Bali or other regions in Indonesia. The trips are fully designed with attractive programs and activities those are all encourage them actively that finally bring them into the new experiences. The programs and activities are well combined between the study and leisure that both will take more advantages for every group members.

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Education Trips Concept

Student Travels, Bali ToursThe concept of Education Trips is giving the students to learn, visit and share the experiences the world of Bali or other regions in Indonesia. The programs are designed flexible to meet the group need with hospitality services and comfortable travels. The groups are not only specifically come from the students, it might be come also from the teachers, government officers or other organizations.

Programs and Activities

Bali Star Island is your Bali’s event organizer arranges the attractive education group programs and activities that are suitable to the group needs and objective. We have experienced to design the group programs from the flight ticket arrangement, accommodations, daily programs and activities until meeting appointment including legal permits. The following sample of group activities those are commonly used to complete the whole group programs and we widely opened the tailor made programs that finally meet the group needs.

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Balinese Cultures Lesson

Bali is featured by the unique cultures those are very interesting to learn and experience one of them. There are many Balinese cultures that the group can experience once visit the island of Bali like Traditional Gamelan Lesson, Balinese Dance Lesson, Batik Painting Lesson, Balinese Painting Lesson, Wood Carving Lesson and Making Kite Lesson.Bali Fowers

School Visit

School Visit Programs are designed for student and teacher group to visit the appointed school in Bali which the group can experience and share the information. The group member can interactive to the students or teachers directly at the respective school. There are many school level are available in Bali from the tranquility of traditional village until the modern school in town.Bali Fowers

Government Office Visit

Government Office Visit programs are designed to visit the government office where the group member can interactive to the government officers. It is mostly objective to learn, share and compare the governmental systems which are conducted in Bali. Bali Fowers


Farming Activities are designed for student group to learn the farming system min Bali. Every group member can do the farming activities directly on the rice field or plantation area. It is also able to arrange the survey of the tropical trees type in the famous Bali's Botanical Garden located in the mountain area of Bedugul. The student will discover multifarious of tropical floras are well planted and integrating to the fresh atmosphere surround it.Bali Fowers


Bali is featured by the famous adventure activities those are fully designed fantastically with the attractive challenge. The adventure activities can involve White Water Rafting, Jungle Trekking , Mountain and Village Cycling, Horse Riding, Sumatra's Elephant Ride, ATV Ride, Cruise to Lembongan Island, Turtle Island Tour and other Marine Activities.Bali Fowers


There are many sightseeing programs available in Bali and beyond those are designed to visit places of interest, historical venues, temples, traditional compounds or other interesting to purchase as a souvenirs. We design the sightseeing or tour program enjoyably with professional and experience tour guide and fully air-condition car transfers.Bali Fowers

Special Activities

The group will be served with special activities those are meet the group needs. the special activities be based on tailor made or we may suggest with the attractive programs like Balinese Cooking Class, Team Building and Outbound Programs, Appreciation Night with Cultures Performances etc.

Services and Facilities

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