Bali Incentive, Leisure and Business Group Packages


Bali Star Island starts to offer the Incentive Group Program since 1998 with very creative, full dedication, interactive and attractive to serve every group request to form satisfactory ending. Our professional team design every group program integrate with the company adjective to provide incentive program to their employees as a service award in order to improve behavior reinforcement, sales incentives, corporate promotions, employee performances, customer services, and productivities. The programs are ideally assigned for group bookings combining several items to match on incentive traveling period.

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Bali Incentive Group Packages

Bali and other regions in Indonesia are blessed by the beautiful panoramas which are totally suitable as the holiday destinations for single and group travelers. The country is also featured by the unique cultures and performance to complete your vacation experiences. Bali Star Island proudly arranges the special package arrangement for incentive group who doing both leisure and business. The incentive group packages are specially designed to fulfill all the group members and organizer needs to achieve top level goals. We are also openly receiving the tailor made programs which are all fit to the timing, budgeting and products.

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Incentive Group Programs

Incentive group program is specially designed for company who give the incentive for their employees to enjoy the vacations.  We make your group program perfectly by accommodating entire needs involving company, group members and organizer. The group programs are designed to full fill the company adjective, refreshing the employee minds and improving productivity of company goals. The programs are widely opened which can be accommodated by other activities based on your needs.
IncentiveMeetings and Tours | CODE: ICV-01
The objective of group from company to do traveling to Bali to optimize working ethos, increasing the productivity and a reward for the employees who succeed achieve the company goals. We design the group programs combining meeting and land tour arrangements. Meetings are designed as a part of group programs and continue for sightseeing. Meeting and Tour Programs are the perfect combination program for group and see more…

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IncentiveMeetings and Adventures | CODE: ICV-02
The group programs collaborates the small or big meetings with the adventure activities to give more fun and refresh from routine work. We design the group program between small or big meetings purpose with the best selection adventures in Bali. We offer the appropriate adventures activities for group from the small capacity to the large size. More about Meetings and Adventures..
Bali Adventure Groups

IncentiveMeetings and Other Activities | CODE: ICV-03
It is uniquely designed by combining both meetings and selection of activities. The programs are assigned by integrating the meeting purpose and other activities like golf, group dining, team building and charity.  It programs are openly designed based on tailor made to fulfill the group objective and refresh entire the group members. More about Meetings and Other Activities..
Bali Group Activities
IncentiveMeetings and Leisure | CODE: ICV-04
This group program combines the meeting activities as a part of group programs and mix leisure activities like tours, adventures or special activities. It is fully created based on tailor made to accommodate all the group adjectives. Meetings and Leisure will create the full memory of each group member and complete their experiences in the island of Bali.
Bali Tour groups

IncentiveFull Leisure Group | CODE: ICV-05
It is designed for special group from the company who appointing all programs are filled by the leisure activities from sightseeing, adventures or other activities. All programs are attractively assigned by combining multifarious activities or set in one exotic activity to give more experiences on vacation in Bali or other regions in Indonesia.
Bali Leisure Group
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