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Bali Star Island is proud to provides the outbound and team building programs that fully integrate with the company or personal group needs. The programs are well selected with attractive activities, fun and adventures to encourage every participant to participate in order to achieve the goals. Team Building and Outbound Program are your best choice to solve the company problem. It is also one of the best choices to insert the group arrangement on travel to Bali.

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Bali Outboud Activity Programs

Outbound Activity Programs are the fantastic programs for group from company, schools or organization conducted outdoor with attractive activities. The programs are designed to bring the group member into the outdoor fun activities which can be formed from adventures, camping, vehicle rally or sightseeing activities. Bali Star Island is proud to arrange all the group arrangements together with our professional team to firm your group program satisfactory level.

Bali Outbound

Activities and Programs

Since 1998, Bali Star Island has started to organize the outbound activities and in any possibility, we also work together with other companies to support all programs arrangements are running smoothly. We have designed the outdoor activities which are absolutely innovative and attractive to bring every group members into the fun atmosphere and exciting experiences. The programs are well selected and flexible to be combined with other activities including team building programs. All the activities designed will be fit to your group requirements and our teams are ready to make your group arrangement successfully.   

Outbound Programs

Outbound program is basically a fun leisure program that mostly does in adventure activity. The participants of outbound activities are involving the group members from company, schools, organization or big family. The following programs are well selected to be offered for your group member and we absolutely open to make your group arrangement in tailor made.

There is several adventure activities can be selected for outbound activities. Bali Star Island cooperate with well establish and experience adventure companies to organize the adventure activities.

We arrange and offer the choice of camp venue to integrate with Bali pure natures. It is also completed with the attractive games, adventures and bonfire.
The sea cruises are available to explore the Bali Strait and beutiful island of Lembongan. We work together with establish cruise companies like Bali Hai, Bounty Cruise, Quicksilver and Sail Sensation
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