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Bali Star Island/PT. Bewish International Tour is a well establish Travel Company and appointed as a wedding organizer since 1998. We organize all your wedding arrangement in smooth way and meet to satisfactory level. Our professional team will encourage you to your dream of live and perform into the real memorable one. We wisely and open for both communication to arrange every single event or requirement to fit all programs are in order.

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Bali Wedding Organizer

Bali Star Island is proud as a Wedding Organizer to arrange all wedding arrangements in Bali. We organize your wedding event from program design, venue appointment, party events, accommodations and all supporting logistic including legality documents. We customize your wedding event into a deep experience and unforgettable memory on your life. We committed to serve all of you with our best services to ensure that your wedding celebrations throughout the events are running smoothly.

Bali Wedding, Organizer, Event, Ceremony

How to Get Married in Indonesia - Bali

It is very important to highlight and understand how to get married in Indonesia that all wedding events must be accorded to Republic of Indonesia’s Law (UU no.1 tahun 1974) in particular article no 2 line 1. This law is clearly notifying that marriage is legitimate if it has been executed according to laws of respective religions and belief from both parties. You may find out more detail How to Get Married in Indonesia.

Wedding Venues

We design your wedding at well selected and appointed venue which is appropriate to your request. The wedding venues are available throughout the island by offering the dramatic panorama and fashionable to the local cultures. All of the wedding celebration can be performed at outdoor or indoor. We wide open to organize your wedding by tailor made base or well selective suggestion from our professional team to firm all the arrangements are memorable one. We also work together with the wedding venue’s vendors to fit your request like private villas, hotels and resorts, restaurants, church and other public areas.

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Type of Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremony is one of the important moment of life which you can select the best ceremony and fit to your requirements. Bali Star Island is delighted to arrange it according to your request and we serve the following typical wedding ceremonies in Bali as follows:

Dressing up Plan

We fully understood that the wedding ceremony is very crucial and important on life that makes couple confuse to choose the appropriate costumes dress up throughout the event. We offer you the rental costumes and other wedding accessories to make easy for you to set your time. Please see more detail about Dressing up Plan here.
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