Bali Beach Team Building

Bali Beach Team Building

Bali Beach Team Building – Fantastic Half Day Outdoor Activity

Bali Beach Team Building is a fantastic outdoor activity to create a solid and strong teamwork through fun games. Our team building will take you to the exciting experiences and struggle to win on every game set. Furthermore, Bali Beach Team Building is taking half day within 3 – 3,5 hours and enjoy 6 -7 fun games. Meanwhile, our professional game master as well as facilitators offer friendly services and lead this activity to build a strong character on each individual to struggle within competition. Our Bali Beach Team Building is attending to response your company or organization’s problem against teamwork, decline in work ethic, communication, leaderships as well as motivation. And also, it is a good idea for the group who want to feel and enjoy the sensation of beach fun games during visit Bali Island.

Concept of Bali Beach Team Building

Bali Beach Team Building is created to build a strong and solid teamwork. And also, this game is coming with the idea to build strong characteristic of each individual in a group or organization to achieve the company’s goals. Through our team building, each participant will understand about his/her position in a group/team. We will take them to the group management and participate in the organization’s work to achieve the goals. Moreover, it will also improve their communication skill, leadership and effectiveness of working environment.

Bali Beach Team Building Information

  • Minimum number of participant : 25 people
  • Total games : 6 – 7 games
  • Duration of games : 3 – 3,5 hours
  • Venue : Beach
  • Timing : Morning or afternoon (afternoon recommended)

Bali Beach Team Building Phase

Phase – 1 : GROUPING

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  • Group assembling
  • Ice breaking with 2 – 3 games
  • Grouping session and appoint a leader and create cheers or yell – yell


  • Race game 1
  • Race game 2
  • Continue race game 3
  • Final race game 4



  • Olympic game 1
  • Olympic game 2
  • Final Olympic game 3

Phase – 4 : CLOSING GAME
Phase – 5 : EVALUATION
Evaluation session and announce the winner


  • T-shirt
  • Short pant
  • Sport shoes
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun block
  • Change clothes
  • Towel

Photo Gallery of Bali Beach Team Building

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