Bali Cruises | Visit Lembongan Island – Nusa Penida Trips

Bali Cruises | Visit Lembongan Island – Nusa Penida Trips

Bali Cruises are the exciting cruises to cross the sea and visit Lembongan or Nusa Penida Island as destinations. You will get the fantastic experience during your lovely holiday in the Paradise island of Bali on the luxurious Boat. Bali Cruises will take you the lovely journey with fantastic cruise activities. It will be unforgettable adventures with comfortable and luxury boat as well as professional and experienced ship crews. The cruises will bring you to the beautiful island with white sandy beach and also beautiful underwater. Moreover, the fantastic cruise activities on the day will complete your lovely journey to Lembongan or Nusa Penida Island. Those activities are included free banana boat riding, snorkeling, visit village tour, BBQ lunch, underwater viewer and much more. We proud to provide the best sea cruises such as Bali Hai Cruise, Wakalouka Cruise, Sail Sensation and Bounty Cruise.



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bali,, cruises, bali hai, bali hai cruise, cruise ship, lembongan, island, cruise to lembonganBali Hai Cruise take you to visit another paradise island at Lembongan Island with the luxurious cruise ship to explore the beauty of Bali Sea side. Lembongan Island is proud to offer beautiful white sandy beach, colorful coral and fishes and fantastic village tour. Therefore, Bali Hai Cruise will bring and perform your dream come through. Moreover, this cruise company also provides several cruise programs with all fantastic and attractive cruise activities such as Reef Cruise, Aristocat, Beach Club, Ocean Rafting and More.

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Bounty, bali, cruise, lembongan, island, bounty cruise, lembongan cruiseBounty Cruise will bring you to enjoy the fantastic cruise activities at 48 meters pontoon at the beautiful crystal Shanghiang Bay of Nusa Lembongan Island. The Bounty Cruise also invites you to enjoy the romantic sunset dinner cruise around Benoa Harbor with delicious dinner and dance performance including Cabaret show. Please review complete page of Bounty Cruises HERE

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US$ 115 ONLY

wakalouka, waka, cruise, bali, lembongan, island, wakalouka cruise, bali cruises, lembongan cruiseIt provide a fantastic cruise adventure by sailing across Badung strait by Catamaran to Lembongan Island and Waka’s reef club. Moreover, this cruise will take you to a wonderful lunch of Indonesian/Western food, a great beach, good snorkeling and an exclusive village tour. Meanwhile when sailing back to Benoa Port, this cruise will provide a complimentary cocktail while enjoy the sunset. Furthermore, you will discover the great experiences with friendly ship crew details about Waka Sailing Cruise HERE.

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US$ 112 ONLY

sail, sail sensations, bali, lembongan, island, cruises, sail sensations cruise, bali cruises, lembongan cruiseSail Sensations is one of the established cruise companies in Bali provide you with exciting cruise experience to visit Lembongan Island. It is a fun ship cruise with sailing catamaran and friendly services from professional crews that make your trip comfortable . Furthermore, it is a relax cruise ideally for honeymoon or group traveler who to charter the whole spaces.  You can find more details about Sail Sensations Cruise To Lembongan through this page.

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