Bali Elephant Safari Ride | Explore Elephant Park

Bali Elephant Safari Ride | Explore Elephant Park

Welcome to the most popular adventures in Bali Island, the Elephant Ride Safari with marvelous and impression adventures. This attraction will take you to ride a Sumatra’s  elephant to explore the pure natures with exotic environments surround it. Furthermore, this adventure will encourage you to the fantastic experience to see the humorous elephant attraction in Bali. Moreover, you can discover the biggest animal care in a proper camp thus make the exclusive experience that you never seen before. We offer two different elephant ride safari with each own features and best services. The Elephant Safari Park at Taro and Bali Elephant Camp are two leading elephant adventure companies in Bali Island. Both of the companies will give you the satisfaction experiences on your elephant adventure in paradise island.


Bali Island is always pampering all visitors who visit this island with multifarious tourist attractions. The elephant ride safari is one of the most popular tourist attractions that our customers join with. Bali Star Island is proud to offer two best attraction of Bali Elephant Ride Safari at different location. Both the elephant safari rides are Bali Elephant Safari Park at Taro and Bali Elephant Camp. Furthermore, these elephant ride adventure offer you the fantastic experiences to ride the biggest animal in the word. The adventure will explore the natural environment with exotic panorama where both of them are in Ubud area. Since the location in the sightseeing area, then it is easy to combine with other tour activities.

Bali Elephant Safari Park at Taro

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bali, elephant, sumatra, park, safari, taro, bali elephant, bali elephant safari, bali elephant safari park, elephant safari park, elephant ride, elephant safari ride, bathing pool, accessThe Elephant Safari Park at Taro, where you can experience hand feeding and petting at these beautiful Pachyderms. It takes a Safari Ride atop a Sumatran Elephant through the Park and surrounding forest area. The first class facilities available in the Elephant Safari Park at Taro include, The Elephant Show performed in Bali’s largest show arena, Museum, Gift Shop, 200 seats International Standard Restaurant. Take time out and relax while you stroll through the spectacular Botanical Gardens. Moreover, you will find one of the largest collections of Orchids and Palm Trees in one place in Bali. Meanwhile, you will feel like the king of the jungle on a unique 35 minutes unforgettable journey through tranquil forested area. Finally, finish the safari with an exciting splash in the Park’s bathing lake. The Elephant Safari Park at Taro with the international standard for animal care is a place you must go.

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Bali Elephant Camp

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bali, elephant, sumatra, camp, bali elephant, bali elephant camp, safari, elephant safari, elephant riding, elephant safari ride, sumatra elephant rideBali Elephant Camp is another best elephant safari ride with the rice paddies, jungle and Ayung River surround it. Furthermore, your adventures pass through unworldly beauty and natural elephant camp with lush forested jungle with panoramic of river valley underneath. When joining the scenic drive to Bali Elephant Camp, you pass the historic village of Carangsari only a short distance from Sangeh Monkey Forest. The adventure is starting to ride the Sumatran Elephant with professional mahout who led you to pass through the jungle. Moreover the melodies sound of various tropical insects will follow every step with good temperature surround it. It is a great adventure that you never miss in Bali.

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