Bali Student Tours

Bali Student Tours

Bali Student Tours – Education Trip Programs

Bali Student Tours are the exciting education trip programs for student group to explore Bali Island. This student tours are perfectly designed to encourage the student to enjoy the great experiences about Bali with unique cultures and beautiful landscape. Furthermore, our Bali Student Tours are ideally for student group from any level of schools who want to expand the student’s experiences about the adaptability and sustainability against the environments. Meanwhile, we have intentionally designed these student tours with attractive programs and activities. It is purposing to encourage them to learn, understand and actively involved in all the activities designed. And also, these programs will take them to get a new experiences with full of education objectives. The programs of our Bali Student Tours are well combining education and leisure that both take more advantages for every group participant.

Concept of Bali Student Tours – Education Trips

As a reliable Bali Event Planner, we have designed the concept of Bali Student Tours with learning, adaptation, knowledge of local cultures, nature explorations and expand experiences. And also, these concepts of Education Trips are giving opportunity for students to learn, visit and experience the unique cultures and traditions as well as natures that Bali has. Our Bali Student Tours is flexible to meet the student and school’s need with our hospitality services.

Activities on Bali Student Tours  Education Trips

Bali Star Island is your Bali’s event planner arranges the attractive education group programs and activities. We have experienced to design the group student trip programs and the accommodations, daily programs and activities until meeting appointment including legal permits. The following samples of student activities are commonly running for student trips to Bali. Moreover, we widely open the discussion to make the tailor made programs to meet your student and school’s needs.

Balinese Culture Lessons

balinese cultures, balinese culture lessons, culture lessons, bali student tours, education tripsBali is featured by the unique cultures those are very  interesting to learn and experience one of them. This culture lesson will take the student to experience several Balinese cultures with some choices such as Gamelan Lesson, Balinese Dance Lesson, Batik Painting Lesson, Painting Lesson, Wood Carving Lesson and Making Kite Lesson.

Local School Visit

bali local school, local school visit, bali student, bali student tours, student toursSchool Visit Programs are designed for student and teacher  group to visit the appointed school in Bali which the group can experience and share the information. The group member can interactive to the students or teachers directly at the respective school. There are many school level are available in Bali from  the tranquility of traditional village until the modern school in town.

Bali Farm Activities

bali farm, bali farm activities, bali student, bali student toursBali Farm Activities are good for student to learn, see and experience about Bali farm system. Every student will involve on farm activities directly on the rice field or plantation area. And also, it can bring them to survey the tropical trees type in the famous Bali’s Botanical Garden when necessary. Through Bali Student Tours, hence the student will discover multifarious of tropical  floras are well planted and integrating to the fresh atmosphere surround it.

Bali Adventures

bali rafting, rafting adventures, water activitiesBali features with famous adventure activities those are fully designed fantastically with the attractive challenge. The are many choice of adventures that student can join with such as White Water Rafting, Rice Paddy Trekking, Village Cycling, Sumatra’s Elephant Ride, Mountain Trekking, Surfing, Cruise to Lembongan Island, Turtle Island Tour and other Marine Water Sport Activities.

Cooking Class

bali cooking class, cooking lessons, bali student, bali student toursIt is a good course for student to learn about our local foods and involve cooking with our chef. Our cooking class will take them to experience of whole cooking process. It is from collecting the ingredient direct from local market, cooking until food presentation. Each student will have the experiences to cook the Balinese cuisine and taste it at the end of course.


bali, sightseeing, bali student tours, student tours

There are many sightseeing programs available in Bali and beyond to visit places of interest, historical sites, temples, traditional compounds or other local creative design for souvenirs. We design the tour programs on Bali Student Tours to enjoy the sightseeing with our professional and experience tour guide as well as fully air-condition car transfers.

Team Bounding

bali team buildings, team buildings, beach team building, save holy waterThis activity on Bali Student Tours will help the student to understand their position on the group. And also it will improve their confidence, teamwork, helpful and understanding each other. Our team bounding activities are very safe, full of education and fun. It is perfectly for student to improve the student’s mentality, motivation and innovation.

Community Services

bali community service, CSR, bali student toursThe community services on Bali Student Tours are purposing to encourage the student to understand about the local people, adaptability and sustainability of natures as well as cultures. This work is coming on project bases with local conditions. Therefore, it will be subject to the local requirements or other conditions.

Services and Facilities of Bali Student Tours

  • Programs Design
  • Flight Ticket Arrangements
  • Accommodations
  • Full Air-conditioning Transfer
  • Local Speaking Guide
  • Logistic support
  • Official Permits arrangement
  • Group Coordinator
  • Insurance Cover
  • Documentations
bali, sightseeing, bali student tours, student tours
Bali Sightseeing

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