Bali Team Buildings

Bali Team Buildings

Bali Team Buildings Offers Education, Teamwork, Leaderships – Fun Games

Bali Team Buildings are the exciting activities collaborating the education, teamwork, leaderships, and motivations with fun games. Our team buildings are very fantastic with attractive and full challenge of activities to build the character of individual or team into a better personality, teamwork, leadership, cooperation and solidarity. Furthermore, Bali Star Island as one of reliable event planners in this island is proud to provide the attractive activities on Bali Team Buildings to fit your group participants or team requirements. Our sister company Bali Group Organizer will lead the activities and supported by professional and experienced teams. And also, we have many experiences to provide team building activities throughout Bali Island since 1998.

In addition, the activities of Bali Team Buildings bring every group participant involve in each fun activity and achieve the set goals. We have provides many of fun games with great challenges and full of fun. It is one of the best ways to solve the internal company/team’s problem and improve the communication, leadership, cooperation, productivity, working environments and more.

The Benefits of Bali Team Buildings

Company or individual teams are utilizing the Bali Team Buildings will aim a lot of benefits to improve the weakness or problems faced by the teams. We design the Bali Team Buildings to answer and solve your team problem. The benefits of Team Building are able to achieve both targets to  Individual and organization/company.

Benefits for Individual

beach team building, bali team buildings, team buildingsEstablishment and Development of Personal Attitudes:

  • Increasing self-confidence and self-motivation
  • Improving every individual  toward positive thinking
  • Recognizing every individual  toward the environment

Establishment and  Development of Personal Skills will improve:

  • Interpersonal  Skill
  • Leadership  Skill
  • Communication  Skill
  • Teamwork
  • Wide Management  Perspective and Strategy

Benefit for Organization/Company

  • Making Teamwork stronger
  • Improving the harmony of  working environment
  • Increasing the productivity for every employee or every personnel in organization
  • Getting high motivation for  every employee or every personnel in organization to achieve the goals
  • To improve the loyalty for  every employee or every personnel in organization

Program Design of Bali Team Buildings

Bali Star Island has designed the proper programs of Bali Team Buildings as follows:

cycling treasure hunt, cycling, bali, bali team buildings

Basic Training

  • Briefing
  • Mission assessment and planning to understand about the mission
  • Action and Reflection
  • Scoring
  • Evaluation


Outdoor activities are based on the following training method:

  • Structure games
  • Grooved scenario
  • Rules of game, sanction and reward
  • Scoring

Indoor activities based on the following training method:

  • Relaxation
  • Indoor games

Choice Programs of Bali Team Buildings

Beach Team Building CODE: TB-01

It is the most favorite Bali Team Building activities with great challenges of 6 – 7 games within 3 hours. You  will enjoy the fun games created by our team with full of education, build a solid teamwork, understanding each other and leadership. Furthermore..

Garden Team Building CODE: TB-02

It is most popular among other Bali Team Building activities. Garden Team Building is a fantastic team building activity with great challenges of 6 – 7 games. We offer flexibility of team building venue to meet your requirements as well as adjust with your time schedule.  Furthermore..

Garden Team Building and White Water Rafting CODE: TB-03

It is a perfect combination between adventure and team building activity. We will provides exciting garden team building with 6 – 7 games. Afterward, you can enjoy rafting adventure to explore the beautiful river stretch 8 km within 2 hours. Moreover, the river features with 2 -3 rapid levels with totally fun and safe for all ages. Furthermore..

Treasure Hunt  Games CODE: TB-04

It is an attractive game with secret mission that each team must achieve the goals. This team building is combining with some other activities such as ATV Ride, Elephant Ride, Visiting Zoo Park or Bali Bird Park,  Cycling, Trekking, Land Cruise with 4WD-Jeep and furthermore.

Bali Fun Rally Games CODE: TB-05

These fun rally games are the exciting activities to explore Bali nature with fun rally. We have exclusively designed this fun rally using several choice of vehicles or bike. There are several mission that each team must complete to get the win. Meanwhile, some clues will lead your journey to get the right direction to explore the appointed check point passing through the Balinese village and furthermore.

Garden Team Building and Treetop Adventure CODE: TB-06

Our garden team building and Treetop Adventure is a perfect combination team building activity with great challenges on garden and Treetop Adventure Park. This Bali team building is ideally to build a strong and solid teamwork, face to fear, struggle on every step to win and much more. Furthermore..

Facilitators for Bali Team Buildings

We provide the high standard competition in all activities  involving:

  • Instructor and Trainer

All our instructors and trainers are well trained and professional for indoor and outdoor activities. They will ensure you get well instruction and training before doing the activities.

  • Counselor, Sociologist or Psychologist

Counselor, Sociologist or Psychologist is subject to request as well as with extra cost.

  • Medical Assistant (Paramedic)

The medical assistant (Paramedic) is available with extra cost. We have committed to provide our best quality services with 100% safety. And also, all our activities on Bali Team Buildings are safe and easy to play. There is no dangerous or unsafe equipment used during the activities. Therefore, all our team building experiences are coming with 100% safety record. However, if the medical assistant is required during the activities, hence it will be subject to extra cost.

Services and Facilities of Bali Team Buildings

  • Program design
  • Instructors and facilitators
  • Logistics and equipments
  • Accommodations
  • Foods and drinks
  • Transportations
  • Documentations
  • Official and Legality Permits
  • Supporting Teams
  • Insurance
  • Other related to the activities

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