Bukit Penulisan Temple | Kintamani Bali Highest Temples

Bukit Penulisan Temple | Kintamani Bali Highest Temples

Bukit Penulisan Temple is also known as Pura Tegeh Koripan that was built on the summit of Penulisan hill. It is located at Sukawana village, Kintamani, Bangli Regency Bali-Indonesia. It is about 2,5 hours drive by car or 73 kilometer from Ngurah Rai International Airport to reach it. It is one of the highest temple in Bali set in the plateau area surrounded by fresh and cool atmosphere. It is an ancient temple referred to 9 century inscriptions. Bukit Penulisan Temple is consisted of five temple complexes those are Panarajon Temple, Ratu Penyarikan Temple, Ratu Temple, Daha Tua Temple and Taman Danu Temple. The striking features of this temple are the temple building, the ancient stone statues set on the veranda and Lingga from the 11th-13th centuries.

Bukit Penulisan Temple Information

Pucak Penulisan Temple is situated at 1745 meters above the sea level and about 3 km from Kintamani, one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali or 30 km from the capital town of Bangli regency. The Balinese manuscripts at this temple is telling that Bukit Penulisan is also called Bukit Tunggal because of its location is separated from the chain of mountains. Bukit Penulisan Temple or Tegeh Koripan Temple commonly called Pura Pucak Penulisan because it is located at the peak of Penulisan hill.

Bali Highest Temples – Bukit Penulisan Temple History

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Other Bali Places to Visit in Bangli Regency

Bangli Regency is located in north east of Bali Island where the majority of area are situated in the plateau area. There are couple of places recommended to visit since the local government has appointed those places as the tourist destinations. The following places of interest can be visited includes Kintamani, Kehen Temple, Penglipuran Village, Ulun Danu Batur Temple, Bukit Penulisan Temple and Dusun Kuning Waterfall.

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