Bali Incentive Group – Meeting and Other Activities Programs

Bali Incentive Group – Meeting and Other Activities Programs

Bali Incentive Meeting Other Activities
Perfect Incentive Program Combining Meeting and Other Activities

Bali Incentive Meeting Other Activities are the perfect program for incentive group by combining business and doing other activities. It is an exclusive incentive group plan with customize agenda as well as activities selections. This incentive group plan is coming with the idea of tailor made agenda. It combine meeting and other activities such as team building, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), charity, learning and explore Balinese cultures, golf and others. Furthermore, Bali Incentive Meeting Other Activities gives a different experiences for every group participant to enjoy both meeting and exclusive other activities. As one of reliable event planners, Bali Star Island is proud to arrange this exclusive incentive plan. It will encourage the group participant to involve on every activity.

Concept of Bali Incentive Meeting Other Activities

The concepts of Bali Incentive Meeting Other Activities are giving a different experience for all group participants and not usual activities on common group trip. These programs are exclusively to combine meetings or seminars or conferences with different activities those are completely offer something unique. Meanwhile, we have experienced to arrange the entire group requirements. We can arrange from accommodation, transportation, outdoor activities, restaurants, golf, meeting or conferences until exhibition. Therefore, this is a value added to make one stop group arrangement through our reliable services.

Popular Activities for Bali Incentive Meeting Other Activities

Bali Star Island is proudly providing unique activities that our customer can select and combine the main business trip purpose. The following activities are well popular to encourage every group member involve in every activity. And also, we open for tailor made program or any discussion that you may need to transform your group trip plan successfully.

Golf Tour or Golf Tournament

There are 4 golf courses with 18 holes and 1 golf course with 9 holes in Bali Island. Furthermore, we can arrange a golf tour or golf tournament to complete your incentive group arrangement. Each golf course is coming with beautiful landscape, perfect design and complete facilities. Meanwhile, our golf tours including tournament will fit your group arrangement and more detail about golf courses in Bali, you can find out HERE.

Team Building Activities

bali team buildings, team buildings, beach team building, save holy waterIt is a perfect idea on Bali Incentive Meeting Other Activities to encourage the group participant involves and learns to build a strong and solid teamwork. We have several team building activities with full of fun, safe and contain of education. And also, we offers flexibility of team building activities reminding to the team building spot, type of games, timing/schedule as well as budget. Therefore, the programs will bring the group into the fantastic atmosphere as well as motivating to involve in fun games.

Balinese Culture Lessons

balinese cultures, balinese culture lessons, culture lessons, bali student tours, education tripsIt is uniquely designed to learn the traditional Balinese cultures. The group participant can learn such as Gamelan, Batik Painting, Wood Carving, Balinese Dance, Balinese Offering making as well as Kite Making. And also, they can join Balinese Cooking Lesson and Painting Lesson. All these programs are well selected to be a new experience during travel to Bali. You can see more details about Balinese Culture Lessons.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Charity

bali school, bali school csr, school csr project, bali csr, bali csr service, corporate social responsibilityThe programs are designed to share, help and socializing to the people in Bali who live under poorness. And also, it can help other people who need the aims. These social programs will fit to Bali Incentive Meeting Other Activities those are totally based on tailor made. We offer you several socializing programs like Balinese Village Interaction, Children School Visit, and Disabilities Lodge Visit or visit the people who need the aids.

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