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Bali Photography | Art Cultures - Pre Wedding

Bali Photography
Sense of Art

The technology sophistications and the camera that you have will be able to make your journey in this paradise island into a deep impression because of the exceptional photography result backed by its unique cultures, high level of art, the beautiful natures and the characteristic of the friendly Balinese people. Bali Star Island will bring you to unforgettable experience in photography session throughout the island to discover the touch of feeling, harmony life or something left.

Bali Photography

Shooting Corner

Rio Dwisandy, Bali, PhotographerWe are proud to introduce you with a local professional photographer (RIO Dwisandy) who always outstanding to accompany you for photo hunting with the interesting themes. We offer you with some best selection of photo themes that are the favorite for all photographers who has visited the island of Bali. It is also a good opportunity for you who just start in photography and we will guide you in photo shooting, adjusting your camera, getting a good angle, lighting, timing and still more.

Choice of Themes

Bali's Scapes
Bali has displayed the stunning natural beauty with the religious aura vibrations that gives much inspiration for artists to illustrate the role in canvas.

Bali's Souvenir
Something has been neglected can live again in our life that has been fascinated everyone to take it home.

Bali's Cultures
The unique culture that has been handed down from the ancestor of Balinese people has become many inspirations to learn more and closer.
Balance, Rio, Bali, Photographer Bali's Human
The hospitality of Balinese who always great with a charm smile in their daily struggle of livelihoods is a picture of life in the small part of this world. Diversity of activity is a meeting point in a harmony of life that makes you stunned.

Pre and Wedding in Bali
The harmony of wedding is a real object from a new dream awake and was greeted with the romantic atmosphere of the island of god.
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